Blunted With a Beat Junkie

Project Description

Originally released and pressed in the UK (Antidote Records) in 2004.

They basically gave me a catalog and I picked thru the Trojan Record library. Luckily it had a lot of Studio One and vintage Greensleeves stuff in it- pure vintage/foundation reggae and dancehall tunes.

This mix meant a lot because it was my chance to show the selector side of me. A huge step up from the “Inna Dancehall Stylee” mix I made which just had a bunch of regular known tunes.

And it was an honor to do the 2nd mix of this series- the first one was “Blunted In The Bomb Shelter” by Madlib.

Antidote Records aint around any more unfortunately but big em up same way for the opportunity to do a great project.

bless up!

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Client: Blunted With A Beat Junkie


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